Puffco Peak OG – Solid Color Wraps


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Customize your vaping experience! We’ve brought the same quality material wrap from the Original Puffcoat and applied it to the Puffco Peak OG! With over 120+ colors there’s something for everyone!

DISCLAIMER – Devices are NOT INCLUDED/SOLD with this product. We offer custom cut color Decal device accessories ONLY

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Gloss Metallic Mystery Black 184M, Gloss Galaxy Black GP292, Gloss Black 190, Gloss Black G12, Satin Black S12, Satin Dark Basalt 871, Matte Deep Black M22, Matte Black 180, Matte Black M12, Matte Black Metallic M212, Gloss Ember Black GP282, Matte Charcoal Metallic 845M, Satin Dark Gray S261, Matte Dark Gray M261, Matte Gun Metal Metallic 840M, Gloss Dark Gray 865, Satin Battleship Gray S51, Gloss Sterling Silver G251, Satin Thunder Cloud S271, Matte Dark Gray 856, Gloss Rock Gray 821, Matte Silver M21, Gloss Grey 832, Satin Gray 833O, Gloss Silver Metallic 803M, Gloss Grey Metallic 807, Satin Silver Metallic 805M, Matte Silver Metallic 857M, Gloss Psychedelic 879M, Gloss Psychedelic GP281, Satin Ghost Pearl SP280, Satin Flip Psychedelic SP281, Gloss Ghost Pearl GP280, Gloss White Gold Sparkle GP240, Gloss White 101, Satin White 116, Matte White 102, Satin Pearl White 117, Satin Pearl White SP10, Satin Frozen Vanilla SP240, Gloss Pearl White 109, Sand Sparkle 255, Gloss Light Ivory G79, Gloss Gold Metallic 215, Gloss Gold Metallic G241, Satin Safari Gold 260, Gloss Indigo Blue 699, Gloss Cosmic Blue G377, Gloss Blue Raspberry G378, Metallic Mysterious Indigo 700M, Gloss Dark Blue 681, Gloss Dark Blue Metallic 653M, Satin Dark Blue 682O, Gloss Deep Blue Metallic G217, Matte Slate Blue Metallic M217, Matte Brilliant Blue Metallic 671M, Gloss Blue 677, Gloss Blue Fire G337, Gloss Intense Blue 667, Satin Perfect Blue S347, Gloss Intense Blue G47, Gloss Bright Blue Metallic 646M, Matte Blue Metallic M227, Gloss Smoky Blue 612, Gloss Light Blue 632, Matte Riviera Blue M67, Satin Light Blue 633O, Gloss Ice Blue G247, Gloss Sea Breeze 648, Gloss Sky Blue G77, Gloss Cloudy Blue 656, Satin Key West S57, Satin Ocean Shimmer S327, Gloss Atomic Teal G356, Satin Cool Teal Metallic 716, Matte Khaki Green 711, Matte Olive Green 732, Matte Military Green M26, Gloss Radioactive Metallic 762M, Gloss Green Envy G336, Matte Green Apple Metallic 745M, Gloss Emerald Green 771, Gloss Grass Green 758, Satin Green Apple S196, Gloss Light Green G16, Gloss Lime Green 731, Satin Fresh Spring 251S, Matte Yellow Green Metallic 243M, Gloss Yellow 235, Gloss Bright Yellow G15, Gloss Dark Yellow 249, Gloss Sunflower G25, Satin Stunning Orange 316, Gloss Bright Orange G54, Gloss Deep Orange G24, Gloss Burnt Orange G14, Gloss Orange 373, Matte Red M13, Gloss Red 415, Gloss Flame Red G53, Gloss Cardinal Red 433, Gloss Dark Red G83, Satin Smoldering Red S363, Gloss Carmine Red 436, Satin Carmine Red 438, Gloss Dragon Fire Red G363, Gloss Metallic Passion Red 448, Gloss Black Rose GP99, Matte Red Metallic M203, Satin Vampire Red SP273, Gloss Cinder Spark Red GP253, Gloss Burgundy 475, Gloss Hot Pink 1105WR, Gloss Fierce Fuchsia G348, Matte Pink Metallic 520M, Gloss Metallic Fun Purple 568, Satin Purple Metallic 566M, Gloss Diamond Purple 587, Matte Purple Metallic 565M, Gloss Plum Explosion GP258, Satin Glacial Frost SP277, Gloss Flip Electric Wave GP287, Satin Roaring Thunder 551S, Gloss Roaring Thunder 552S, Gloss Deep Space GP278, Satin Rushing Riptide 673S, Satin Lightning Ridge 610S, Gloss Lightning Ridge 611S, Gloss Hidden Forest 789S, Gloss Urban Jungle 787S, Gloss Fresh Spring 252S, Satin Volcanic Flare SP236, Gloss Rising Sun 447S, Satin Fluorescent Green 17120, Satin Fluorescent Orange 17074, Satin Fluorescent Yellow 17076

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